Chromotherapy to Harmonize Energy Centers

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Chromotherapy is a recent technique of care that uses properties of colors and light in order to direct their benefactions for the well-being in body and mind.

Chromotherapy is generally combined with other treatments such as massages, relaxation, meditation, body care and brings and additional touch that involves directly the environment.

A relaxed and soothing atmosphere is an essential constituent for the process of well-being and as such, chromotherapy brings an essential bénéficial dimension.

We know for a long time that colors have a good or a bad influence on our state of mind. They play a not unimportant role on our feelings and can make us more creative, more optimistic, or on the other hand more pessismists. The color it is the life, we could not imagine a world without colors. We are all inspired in front of the beauty of a green landscape, a turquoise lagoon, a carmine sunset, a blue sky or a translucent dawn… the beauty of colors exercises our eye and influences our psyche in a indirect, but determining way.


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Staying Healthy In a Toxic World

In our busy modern world, toxins are very common. Environmental toxins include things like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, food additives, drugs and pollutants, which are present in the air, water and food that we consume. Toxins do not only come from our external environment; toxins can also be generated internally by ‘bad’ bacteria, yeasts and parasites in your digestive system. These internally generated toxins are then absorbed into your bloodstream, affecting your health and vitality.

A natural detoxification program can be one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health as it may help clear toxins out of your body and leave you feeling healthy and energetic.

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