Chakras and Chromotherapy

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Chakras are energy fields associated with specific organs. Each chakra, having its own wavelength and frequency, is governed by a specific color. Accorduntitleding to the principles of chakras, malfunctioning organs are associated with specific symptoms that can be improved by correcting the chakra imbalance. Chakra therapies are particularly useful in treating disorders caused by malfunctioning organs and endocrine glands.

For instance, the autoimmune hyperthyroid disorder Graves’ disease is associated with the throat chakra and the color blue. Spa-based chakra therapies are rooted in chromotherapy and have long been used in alternative medicine. As a medical tool, chakra therapy has applications for more than 100 different illnesses. Since the 1950s, blue light treatments have been used in hospital nurseries to treat jaundice in infants. Today, various pigment-based light treatments are used to treat acne and other skin conditions. Bright light therapy, which stimulates all of the body’s energy fields, is used to treat depression and seasonal affective disorders. Red and blue light therapies are used to modulate and enhance the performance of athletes.

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