What is Alkaline?

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Just as your body regulates its temperature, it will also regulate your body’s internal pH with exact precision.

As a matter of fact your body will go to great lengths to keep the pH of your blood in a range from 7.3 -7.4.

“Chronic acidity” in your body will interrupt all cellular activates and functions – “It interferes with life itself.”

When the pH of our bodies gets out of balance and we become too acidic, we have low energy, fatigue, excess weight, irregularity, heart burn, acne and aches & pains. Acidosis of the blood is the prime reason most of our health suffers and always will.

Maintaining your pH facilitating your blood/body with more alkaline supplements and or foods helps provide support for your body

Three causes of acidosis or acidity:

Your body becomes imbalanced and over acidic primarily as a result of three factors.

1: Ingestion of acids:

Acidic diet – Processed Sugars, Processed Foods, Meats, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Alcohol and Smoking. All of these create imbalance blood. An over abundance of these acids can overwhelm your body’s ability to neutralize them.

2: Creation of acids:

When you become too acidic micro-forms of bacteria create their own acid environment creating even more acidity (like when food spoils). These bacteria steal your nutrients by feeding on them and creating a host of toxins that are acidifying and are potentially very dangerous.

3: Improper neutralization of acids:

Not all acids are the same. Some are weak and some are strong. Weak acids like citric and acetic are much easier to neutralize and buffer. Uric acid (meats) is much harder to neutralize.

When your body’s buffering system become depleted or compromised, acids begin to build up. As acids start to build they damage and compromise all systems within your body (just imagine if you never took the garbage).

The pHresh Solution:

When you become more aware of all of the “acids” that we ingest every day. You would naturally want to integrate more alkaline foods and supplements into your daily diet. In order to have our bodies work at optimal levels “all day every day” give the gift of pHresh greens® 3x a day for the first 7 days and you will start to begin to feel pHresh (balanced)!

In order for your body to maintain its optimal pH you must try to maintain a 80% alkaline diet and 20% acidic diet intake. Most of us today are eating the inverse of that! When you become aware of how the breakdown of acidity works you become pHresh!

1: Breakfast – prior to your first meal have 1 teaspoon of pHresh greens® (3-4 serving of vegetables).

2: Lunch – prior to your meal have 1 teaspoon of pHresh greens

3: Dinner – Either have a large salad or vegetables or 1 teaspoon of pHresh greens®



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