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Daisy Ceara

Reverend Daisy Ceara is a very caring and warm human being. When she was a very small girl, people would ask her what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She would answer that she wanted to be a doctor and a singer/dancer.  They would then ask what one thing has to do with the other. She would tell them that a doctor cures the patients and singers and dancers entertain them and make them smile.  Even back then, she understood that she wanted both to heal and to bring happiness to people.

Today, she has achieved her lifelong goal.  Author, singer, speaker, life coach, clinical hypnotherapist, founder of the Mind Sculpting ™ program and creator of the unique musical affirmations of Impacto Positivo. She’s the founder of Antioxidant Wellness Center in Jupiter, Florida.  She has appeared in motivational shows and speaking engagements in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.  Her musical affirmations and meditations have been spread through CDs and DVDs.  At the Wellness Center, she offers interlocking programs for Total Detox and well been. People walk into the Center bowed down by care, they come out after an enjoyable and uplifting experience, with a lighter step and a brighter outlook.

The Antioxidant Wellness Center:  More than a place, it is an experience.  More than therapy, it is healing.  More than entertainment, it is the joy of living.


KW232chik.jpg.jpb                 Rev. Anne Villa 
Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dr. in Metaphysics, Holistic Therapist, CPT- MA- Licenced Yoga Instructor, English-Spanish-Portuguese

Anne has been studying and researching Energy Medicine and Metaphysics since 1996.  After waking up in a hospital bed from a coma, she was only given a few months to live.  She then learned, step by step, how to bring her body, mind and spirit into balance.

Anne believes that human beings must acquire a high frequency to get rid of negative energy as well as lower vibrations (viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.) which attach and attack the body, mind and spirit,  generating imbalance and disease.

“When an individual resonates at a higher vibration, bacteria and viruses will not have a chance to nest or survive in any area of the body.” she says. Anne believes in the power of God working together with faith, knowledge and the power of intention.

Rev. Anne also works with modern devices, systems and natural protocols not easily found in America.


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