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I tried the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center because I was overweight and nothing seemed to work.  I thought I had nothing to lose.  But I didn’t know how much I had to gain.  Now, I’ve stopped smoking and am losing weight at a safe but steady rate.  These things are supposed to make you feel nervous, but I feel relaxed and confident, thanks to the therapeutic healing of working with Daisy Ceara.  Going to the Wellness Center was the best thing I ever did.

— David J.

After I passed the age of 40, I began to worry about to keep a youthful appearance.  A friend told me about the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center and I decided to give it a try.  It really worked!  I feel renewed from my hair to my toes, just like they say on their website.  “Forever 31,” I like to think, and I will always be grateful to the Wellness Center.

— Tara P.

My spiritual health and awareness has never been greater than it is now.  I work with the reiki treatment at the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center.  It really works.  I have never felt to much at peace with the world and with myself.

— Ima El-Mo

For a long time, I suffered from digestive problems, frequent colds and lack of energy.  But all of those are things of the past now.  The detox program at the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center is incredible.  No more colds, lots of energy and, maybe best of all, I feel clean inside and able to digest my food without difficulty.  Thank you, Wellness Center and the wonderful people who work there.

— Darlaine M.

I had so many problems in my life that I felt completely overwhelmed.  I didn’t know what to do.  A friend told me about the life coaching services at the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center.  I went there and met a wonderful woman named Daisy Ceara.  She helped me deal with my problems and gave me a positive attitude about my life.  I now have self-confidence and am more at peace with myself than I have ever been.  Thank you, Daisy.

— Alice A

After my husband died, I lost my faith and my sense of purpose in life.  At the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center, I went through a process of spiritual healing, working with a compassionate and loving spiritual counselor.  My faith came back, and I was able to see that life goes on even after a loss and that I can still feel the joy of living.  The Wellness Center helped me more than I would ever have thought possible.

— Jeanne N.

When I lost my job, I lost my self-confidence and my ability to function as a husband.  I couldn’t see how to go on.  At the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center, I met understanding and compassionate people who helped me see that my life was far from over.  As my self-confidence came back, I was able to find a better job than the one I had lost and my wife and I recaptured the intimacy that I thought was gone forever.  I cannot find the words to describe how much I appreciate what the Wellness Center has done for me.

— Jeremy L.

I wasn’t exactly sick, but I didn’t feel well either.  I was sluggish and fatigued, unable to sleep or eat properly.  My friends told me I was depressed, but somehow that didn’t feel right.  I went to the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center because my cousin recommended it.  They put me through a process of detoxification and introduced me to the use of alkaline water and chromotherapy.  It worked!  All of my symptoms disappeared and I became upbeat and energetic.  It turns out that my problems were physical, but I never would have known if it hadn’t been for the Wellness Center.

— Dennis B.


I’d been to saunas many times before.  I liked them, but they always left me feeling tired and depleted of energy.  A friend persuaded me to try the infrared sauna at the Anti Oxidant Wellness Center.  To my great joy, this kind of sauna left me feeling refreshed and energized, relieving minor aches and pains and leaving me serene and relaxed.  They told me that this was because the infrared sauna uses the same kind of heat as natural sunlight, and so was perfectly in tune with the body’s natural rhythms.  I guess that must be right, because the infrared sauna sure worked on me.

— Diane T.


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