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In Antioxidant Wellness Center we believe that faith move mountains when we pray with all of our mind, heart and soul.
We have a very special spiritual ministry, healing touch Reiki, praying and anointing with healing oils, is something really out of this world, something you will truly love and is so worth it to experience it. This healing program is specially designs to  help you overcome any adversity in in your life. We really know that there is power in prayers. We respect all the religions, so all are welcome in our center.

Wayne Dyer says begin all prayer with “make me an instrument of…then add ‘love,’ ‘Peace,’ ‘joy,’ ‘kindness,’ ‘Abundance,’ ‘well-being,’ or any other quality that you know in your heart defines the essence of the Holy Spirit.” We strongly believe in this.

We use Reiki in our healing

Rei = spiritually guided and Ki=life force
Reiki is a powerful relaxation and healing practice that reduces tension and relieves stress. It induces a meditative state while infusing the client and practitioner with life force energy. This energy heals the body, mind, and spirit, and balances the emotions. The Reiki System of Natural Healing was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui starting in 1914. In Antioxidant Wellness Center, you can experience a great session of praying and Reiki at the same time, to reduces physical pain, releases negative energies from the past, and transforms bad habits, or any thing else you need healing for. As it heals, it fills the client with a spiritual sense of peace and love. We highly recommend the healing program. Make your appointment today, you will find it really relaxing and amazing.

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Enhance your life with a visit to Antioxidant Wellness Center. Pamper yourself, relax and renew, or dive deeper into your journey to health and beauty . From chromotherapy to physical health and total detox program.

Can’t decide? Our experts will help you find the perfect treatment, while making sure you don’t miss a moment of your life to be and feel wonderfull. Join us and remember what it’s like to feel good!.

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