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Train your mind and change your life, with musical affirmations and guided meditations by internationally recognized motivational speaker Daisy Ceara. Reprogram yourself to live a harmonious, healthy, peaceful, prosperous, loving, productive, happy and full life. These affirmations are truly a musical processing tool, designed specifically to help you create and enjoy an ideal life.

This tool has been created to help you transform your life and the lyour loved ones and to reprogram them for success.  You have the creativity.  Doing these affirmations daily, you will create the things we all want to have. If you want to achieve your goals more easily, leave behind all negativity, live in peace, happiness, harmony and abundance, replace emptiness with fullness, see all that you have longed for come to reality, and experience the life of your dreams – here is your answer!


This healing music will help you to leave behind your sorrows and lamentations.  Rise above personal sabotage, negativity and stress.  Will help you to reprogram yourself to live a full life of prosperity and happiness.

By practicing these singing affirmations as a way of life on a daily basis, you can transform your life completely.   You can experience peace, harmony, and high self-esteem.  You can attract an ideal partner to fill your emptiness.  You can be fit, leave behind bad habits, take control of your mind and reprogram your mind to have inner peace and to create all the prosperity you deserve and to keep it that way.
Pregnant women can program their unborn babies to be happy and successful in life by singing each day the song specifically designed for this. For infants and babies, parents can sing each day the lullaby specifically designed for babies. This songs will help programming children to become happy, healthy, intelligent and successful, blessed with divine protection.
Every musical exercise is specific for a different programming effect.  There are affirmations designed for everyone in the family, from youngest infant to oldest adult.  You decide which musical singing affirmations are most appropriate for you and for the goals you have set for yourself. This healing music create positive vibration, creating a better reality for all on Earth.
Description of Singing Affirmations:

These musical affirmations are positive affirmations sung to the rhythms of merengue, salsa, pop, cumbia and other popular music.  They make it fun to do your daily affirmations and focus on your desired goals.  In fact, they represent the easiest and shortest way possible to achieve your goals and enjoy yourself in the process.

The affirmations are accompanied by guided meditations with soft music, so that in a deeper way, you can absorb the suggestions more rapidly and achieve your goals more easily.
• I can do anything
  (To raise your self-esteem and be able to accomplish all)
• I think speak and act positively
( The formula for success)
• I love my life
  (To live an ideal life)
• I found the perfect mate
(To find the perfect match)
• I choose to be clean and sober
  (To choose to live a spiritual life, clean and sober)
• I am clean and sober today
(To choose to live a spiritual life, clean and sober)
• I think speak and act positively (Children’s version)
  (The winning formula for children)
• I love my life (Children’s version)
  (The formula to live an ideal life for children)
• My angel
  (To make your child a total winner)
• Ponte Positivo
  (To have a positive attitude towards everything in life, to accomplish everything)
• Si siempre puedo
  (To raise your self-esteem and be able to accomplish all)
• Todo esta bien
  (To attract love, health and money in abundance)
• Yo pienso yo hablo y actuo positivamente
  (The formula for success)
• Me cansé de llorar
  (To leave sadness behind and succeed)
• Yo estoy en forma
  (To lose weight and get fit)
• Tengo control de mi mente
  (To get control of your mind)
• Ahora que estás por nacer
  (To make your child a total winner)
• Ahora que ya has nacido
  (To make your child a total winner)

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